BMW série 5 & 7 traseiro extrator de instalador buchas Ver maior

BMW série 5/7 traseiro extrator de instalador buchas


Extrator/instalador de bonés eixo traseiro para BMW E38 E39.
Permite que o extração e instalação de buchas de guia no eixo traseiro do BMW série
5 y 7 Serie E39 y E38

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139,15 € com IVA

115,00 € sem IVA

BGS technic
BGS technic

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[_Etlnt] Installer/Extractor caps shaft rear for BMW E39 E38.[_Etlnt]
allows removal and installation the Guide bushings in the rear axle BMW series 5 and 7 series E39
and content E38:
A bar feeding of

201.6 mm long with M16 thread x 2.0 mm a nut of spindle
M16 threaded x 2.0 mm , hexagonal wrench 24 mm or n sleeve
media compressive for installation, od 65.2 mm , internal diameter of 57.3 mm, height 57.5 mm.U n sleeve compression assembly disassembly
, , , od 58 mm internal diameter 47.4 mm, height 35.3 mm.U na
manga pressure to expand , diameter outside of 51.8 , mm inside diameter 46.9 mm, height 24.2 mm .Bearings axial
nut of spindle M16 threaded with x 2.0 mm , key 24mm hex. hexagonal.